Family Support Services


Parenting a child with special health care needs is never easy, but the WTRC Family Support Services program can help guide parents through the maze of issues they face.


The Family Support Services program at West Texas Rehabilitation Center employs a licensed social worker, who also serves as the Program Director. The Family Support Porgram is uniquely designed, in that each employee is a parent to a special needs child and can help relate with other parents and offer empathy and knowledge.

Our staff can help families and parents find the right resources and connect them with other social service agencies and medical programs/assistance that can offer additional support. If you feel like this is a program that you  may benefit from, please feel free to contact us.

There is no charge for services and anyone can refer a family to the program.


Phone numbers are (325) 223-6473 in San Angelo and (325) 793-3500 in Abilene.